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Updated: December 2019      


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GSG's aim is to promote guitar education. This is only possible with the help of talented dedicated guitar teachers. If you are passionate about education and keen to develop as a teacher please send a CV and short covering letter to

List of desired attributes for new staff.

  • A solid knowledge of guitar music either in your specialist genre or across a range of genres.

  • A passion for education

  • Reliability

  • Patience

  • Good people skills

  • A good ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Good communications skills

  • Flexibility


Experience of teaching mixed ability groups and ages is highly favourable but not essential.


We are looking for teachers who want to form a relationship with GSG, develop and grow as educators and are planning on staying in Glasgow for at least 2 years.

What We Offer

The opportunity to be part of something bigger.


Regular concerts to perform at if you wish.


Regular hours and regular pay.






Assistance with professional development and support with which to grow as a guitar teacher.


Encouragement of creative projects which relate to music education; composing your own music, recording your own CD, use of any complimentary art skills you may wish to find a use for (graphic design, photography, videography etc).