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Updated: December 2019      


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Prices are calculated at £12 per hour class.  Courses are paid for termly.  Therefore the cost of the course depends on the number of weeks in the the term.


Next term total cost £144 (12 weeks at £12 per hour class)



Even if it is part way through the term please drop us an e-mail at:


as classes can be joined part way through or new classes formed.


Please note: As room hire & tutor fees are paid in advance refunds are not possible once a course has been paid for.  This is necessary in order to keep the cost of the courses at the great value at which they are priced.  Courses are transferable & sometimes deferrable and we make every effort to be as accommodating as possible.





Beginners:  Class style tuition is perfect for beginners who do not wish to have a large financial commitment in the early stages.

Advanced students: Even if you are an advanced student who requires a detailed look at your technique we would strongly recommend taking a course, as our tutors are highly capable of refining your technique and it allows you to explore ensemble/group playing, which is not otherwise possible.  It also provides a social network for your learning and as our tutors are professional performers (please watch our tutors in our "Watch and Listen" section) we have plenty to offer for the very beginner right up to professional level players.


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