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Updated: December 2019      


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Join Our Next Course

Simply click on the SHOP link at the top of the page, purchase a block of lessons and we will see you at the course ready to start playing.


For alternative payment options, please e-mail us at


Our next course begins the week beginning 6th January and runs for 12 weeks (excluding 10th - 16th February Mid-term holiday) - (It is possible to join our current course part way through).


Classes take place in the evenings on weekdays. Courses are paid for termly. Therefore the cost of the course depends on the number of weeks in the the term.


E-mail us with your current level, musical interests and if you have any goals in mind and we will discuss the classes we have available, which match your needs.


If we are part way through our term please still e-mail us, as it is possible to join a course that is already underway.


We look forward to receiving your e-mail.

Best wishes

Glasgow School of Guitar


Spring term: starts week beginning 6th January - 3rd April excluding 10th - 16th February mid-term holiday(12 weeks).

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